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Outlawed in Pakistan

The brave girl in this documentary has been fighting back since 2009 when four men attacked her. She and her family had to move to another town and lost everything seeking justice. Because the thirteen year old girl was defiled she can never marry and risks being killed by her own family members. As horrific as this story is, one doesn’t have to stretch beyond our own borders to find injustice and violence.

After two men attacked Rana while visiting relatives in Florida she kept it inside. In the end she couldn’t cope with what had happened. We must rally & break the silence in order to effect positive change at home and abroad.


Is my Tween Video-Chatting with Strangers???

I invite your video-chatting tween to read Rana’s sobering story about how a nationally ranked 14 year old gymnast lost her life – because she trusted strangers

Parenting And Stuff


I didn’t post a lot lately, being engaged in my new parents site, .

It’s coming up nicely I think! 60 Contributors already.

The variety of contributors results in discussing many topics, some are fairly new to me. I bet that I’m not alone here.

A naive parent I am,  a species that cannot survive for long in the 21 century.

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Breaking the Silence for “Life is too Short to be Mad or Sad all the Time” Rana

How does a judge tell the parents of a victim, “your daughter may still be here if you hadn’t pursued ‘this;'” and proceed to give two rapists one year of house arrest?? God help us all – Break the silence!

Vent with Me!

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Childhood secrets

There needs to be another indicator of support then a “like.” Thank you for sharing and helping to break the silence Kay. So many suffer in silence and shame, finding unhealthy ways to deal with the PTSD of dating violence & sexual assaults. Opening up, talking, admitting the magnitude of the problem – these are the first step in affecting positive change. Keep believing Kay, for victims of abuse are less than … no more!

A Glittery Pink Weekend Post

Helping someone overcome and find healthy alternatives to dealing with overwhelming stress is paramount to their survival and recovery. Thank you for sharing and breaking the silence. LisaT

Parenting And Stuff

tumbler girl cutting

This photo of a girl recovering from  cutting is now widely shared in Facebook; my daughter’s daily update.

Again today, my daughter (12) told me about a good friend sending photos of her cuts by WhatsApp to another friend, showing her arms covered with cutting marks and large butterflies. 

She wasn’t aware that this girl was cutting, but she’s not surprised anymore.

My first cutting post was the primary reason for me to start blogging last January.

The good things that came up since I understood that not all’s glittery pink at the teens kingdom (ok,  I didn’t think it was), is that I started blogging, and then there’s this parenting new site that followed , an amazing journey for me.

The bad thing is that my daughter is breaking news to me every second day now about the epidemic spreading, and guess who became the news reporter…

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too cool to parent

Are adults too cool to grow up, stop partying and being self-absorbed, settle down and be parents?

Of course, singles and couples are still having babies, but the parenting is being outsourced !
Maybe it started with the rejection of the mini-van where a “Baby on Board” sign signified the loss of “if this Van’s a Rocking … ” hippie-like freedom. And hey – with infamous bad boy image role models, its no wonder parenting seems like more of a distraction then a blessing.

That said – I’m noticing current 20-somethings circling back to a June Cleaver movement – and so the pendulum swings … setting other movements back 50 years.

Maybe one day we’ll find the right balance between careers, self-fulfillment and parenting. Until then does anyone have a really cool name for Grandma? My daughter is due with her first in September and I’m not ready … I haven’t gone skydiving or back-packed through Europe yet!