too cool to parent

Are adults too cool to grow up, stop partying and being self-absorbed, settle down and be parents?

Of course, singles and couples are still having babies, but the parenting is being outsourced !
Maybe it started with the rejection of the mini-van where a “Baby on Board” sign signified the loss of “if this Van’s a Rocking … ” hippie-like freedom. And hey – with infamous bad boy image role models, its no wonder parenting seems like more of a distraction then a blessing.

That said – I’m noticing current 20-somethings circling back to a June Cleaver movement – and so the pendulum swings … setting other movements back 50 years.

Maybe one day we’ll find the right balance between careers, self-fulfillment and parenting. Until then does anyone have a really cool name for Grandma? My daughter is due with her first in September and I’m not ready … I haven’t gone skydiving or back-packed through Europe yet!

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