Rebuilding Around Loss

rebuilding around the loss

True … never the same and hardly whole. This poster surrounding the loss of a loved one helped me find the words to convey the sheer relentless agony of watching my other two children grow older then their big sister. Watching my daughter’s friends (who, after the loss, quickly became and remain our dear friends) move on to college, and now, as they get married and start families. As much as they loved and remember Rana, most can’t include us in their big day, not their happiest of days.

Behind the smiles at my younger daughter’s wedding, lived the reality that her real Maid of Honor would be watching from above. Now baby sister is having her first child. Aunt Rana should be here! I do feel Rana’s spiritual presence but oh how I want her nieces and nephews to know her physical hugs! Everyday, I miss Rana’s hugs.

Judge Hammond – do you stand by your sentencing of the two men that took Rana’s hope and changed the lives of so many people? How do you sleep at night having given only 1 year of house arrest?? All because the grandfather of one of the predators drove for some Senator. Who?

I’ll always want my Rana back, our family back … Though somehow we have and continue to rebuild through, around, with, over, under our loss.

Bullying MUST stop. Sexual assault is the worst form of bullying. It has existed through the ages. So what needs to change? EXPOSURE. Let’s stop the definition of insanity – doing the same things expecting different results. What can we do differently? TALK, TELL. Quit acting like it doesn’t exist or it’s no big deal.

Let’s talk and not run from the tough topics – Joel Osteen I DO love your messages and I’m not saying to dwell on the evil. We must walk through fire without smelling of smoke so that we might effect positive change! We can’t turn a blind in order to “remain clean” while our brothers suffer in pain. We must stop and tend to those beaten down and left to die on the side of the road!

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