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Saturday August 23, 2014
Camp Thunderbird
1 Thunderbird Ln
Lake Wylie SC

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Emily Maynard shared her journey at ourĀ 2014 retreat!


Teen Reach Mission: To inspire youth to live a complete life;loving, serving, and respecting themselves and one another.


Whats the answer?

When we lose someone like Robin Williams to self-harm … time stops. We mourn the loss and wonder “how?” “why?” It’s inconceivable, completely incomprehensible to believe or understand how someone so talented, so funny, so wealthy, so famous might choose not to be here!

Sadly – I wish I didn’t – but I get it – and I’ve been driving the wheels off my car to share Rana’s story with young people; because in 2001 our world stopped and rolled off its axis. As her friends have gone to college and started families, Rana remains forever young, forever 15 and I mourn the life she could have, would have, should have had. I mourn the fact that her nephew will never know her hugs.

The truth is – traditional therapy and counseling doesn’t work for everyone. After she was violated, Rana couldn’t open up to some stranger sitting across from her with a notepad. No doubt we have insurance co. and attorneys to thank for all rules counselors have that prevent them from truly reaching those in need. In this incredible Good Will Hunting video clip, Robin Williams is likely breaking a rule by meeting his patient outside of his office. BUT THAT’s what was needed to actually help his patient!

I can’t say that our upcoming Teen Reach retreat would have helped a Robin Williams had he attended in his youth. I’ll never know if it would have changed Rana’s mind. I do know, the current methods of counseling don’t work for everyone because we’re losing too many beautiful spirits before their time and I can’t sit by and do nothing.

Life does not always serve up Chicken Soup. No, at times it blindsides us, chews up our soul and spits it back in our face. Our upcoming retreat is designed to walk the talk of making positive choices for coping with challenging life circumstances. Join me at Camp Thunderbird August 23rd. Let’s DO something about it.