My poster children for Barney, Sesame Street & Disney. Those were the days . . .safe and snug, fireflies and hugs.

My poster children for Sesame Street & Disney Co. Those were the days . . .safe and snug, fireflies and hugs.

Hello & Welcome to my home in Charlotte NC – Though originally from NJ – I’ve lived in Charlotte since 1989 with my beautiful family and multitude of pets, including our cat Precious Tom (we added “Tom” after we learned he was a male).

When my oldest daughter was assaulted by two men in Florida she didn’t tell anyone. But overnight she changed. Once a loving outgoing nationally ranked gymnast, Rana became a withdrawn angry fourteen year old that no longer hugged. She couldn’t cope and when we (her mom, dad, brother, sister and host of Grandparents, Aunt’s Uncles and Cousins) found out she was mortified and withdrew even further. We desperately wanted to help but had no idea how.

Its been over 10 years since the unthinkable happened to my baby girl. Thirty years since it happened to me and close to fifty since I suspect it happened to my birth mother who gave me up for adoption. I sincerely believe if we had been able to open up and talk it may have saved Rana’s life.

Let’s share our stories and break down barriers. Together we can affect a positive change and give victims of bullying and assault a haven of support.  This forum is meant to be a place to find hope in times of need by talking with others who have been there and persevered through the worst of times.

Yours, Lisa

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  1. Lisa!
    The only thing I can say is that I’m so proud of you for doing this, you are going to help many people with your story, a story that breaks my heart ho hear, but GOD gives you strength and wisdom to keep going. So proud to call you my friend.

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