Mentally Disturbed

Current Thread on my ultra G-rated suburban neighborhood Facebook page:

Victoria wrote:
I wanted you all to know of an incident that took place in the Harris Teeter’s parking lot (Lancaster Hwy & Ardrey Kell). While parked and waiting for my daughter, a car pulled up and parked next to mine. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention because I was on the phone. However, I had a feeling of someone looking at me. I glanced over to the next car and saw a White Male smiling at me. I smiled back and continued with my conversation. I still had the same feeling, but this time I was annoyed. I turned back around and he’s still smiling. Then I noticed a lewd act being done. I quickly backed out of my parking space, blocked him in enough to get his license plate. He was driving a brown Toyota Scion License plate ‪#‎BCC‬-4969. I immediately called the police and gave them a full report of what happened.

They did apprehend the suspect and now an investigation is being conducted. Also, I found out after speaking to a Harris Teeter’s Mgr. There are “NO” outside cameras in the parking lot. That’s very disturbing to me…especially for safety reasons. I am so Thankful, my thirteen year old daughter was not in the car.

In closing, Please be mindful of your surroundings, there are crazy people everywhere. The guy I’m speaking of…”looked normal”. I hope no one ever experience what I witness today. Take care.

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Dori: That did happen to me when I was a teen. Myself and a few girlfriends were just hanging and chatting and there was a guy in a car. Wouldn’t have noticed him except he actually opened his door. Took us a while to realize what was happening. We all ran into a Shop Rite and told an adult!!! Sticks with you!!!!

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Victoria @Dori – As much as I’m trying to feel and be normal, I can’t shake it off. It’s so unsettling. Thanks for sharing, makes me feel like I’m not alone.

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Lisa White-Thornton Was always told lightening never strikes twice … when we were still living in Coulwood – once sped up hwy16 to get away from a freak exposing himself; pulled a last minute lane change to escape him when the highway divided. Then must be about 14years ago, there was a guy in an old cop car of all things during rush hour by Park Road Shopping Center. I had kids & another mom in our SUV headed to gymnastics. I laid on the horn and started driving at him with my Expedition until it freaked him out enough to squirm away through the lanes (both events happened before I had a cell phone). Later heard on the radio an exhibitionist posing to be a cop had been apprehended. Have to wonder if its the same guy out of jail now, or could there possibly be that many freakin’ weirdo’s! :0( Shop Rite – Dori – you must from the North?

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