Understanding Self-Injury: Cutting

The body is a machine. It can only go so long without refueling and rest. For example, one only needs to squeeze a stress ball rapidly for two minutes before the arm fatigues. Keep going and eventually the hand and arm cramp up and may no longer be able contract at all until resting.Similarly, the brains natural chemicals can only be replenished so quickly. serotonin – the brains natural “prozac” or happy chemical is released under stressful conditions. Severely stressful conditions can deplete the chemical faster than the brain can produce it. This can lead to prolonged depression. If a person remains depressed for two straight weeks, its time to seek help!

SIGNS of DEPRESSION: experiencing multiple signs escalates concern. Rana quit gymnastics and chorus, her grades dipped, she stopped talking to long time friends, ate too little, then ate too much, she locked herself in her room, complained of not being able to sleep, there were drastic moods swings and anger surfaced, she began cutting.

CUTTING, substance abuse (alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs), and other forms of self-injury are ways to self-medicate and numb the pain.

Temporarily escaping from deeper troubles can: Empower a person by allowing control over the situation, release tension, be an adrenalin rush. These methods temporarily block out a real problem(s), problems the individual might not be able to fix alone.

COPING with traumatic events requires work and sometimes help from a coach, clergy, counselor or other healthcare professional.

There are less dangerous or permanently debilitating methods to relieve pain, stress, depression, feelings of hopelessness. Learn from the mistakes my family made. We sought help too late. PLEASE don’t to go it alone.

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