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Outlawed in Pakistan

The brave girl in this documentary has been fighting back since 2009 when four men attacked her. She and her family had to move to another town and lost everything seeking justice. Because the thirteen year old girl was defiled she can never marry and risks being killed by her own family members. As horrific as this story is, one doesn’t have to stretch beyond our own borders to find injustice and violence.

After two men attacked Rana while visiting relatives in Florida she kept it inside. In the end she couldn’t cope with what had happened. We must rally & break the silence in order to effect positive change at home and abroad.

Breaking the Silence for “Life is too Short to be Mad or Sad all the Time” Rana

How does a judge tell the parents of a victim, “your daughter may still be here if you hadn’t pursued ‘this;'” and proceed to give two rapists one year of house arrest?? God help us all – Break the silence!

Vent with Me!

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Sharing Rana’s Story on Radio Interview 1/9/13


Rana (Photo credit: desueños)

I shared Rana’s story in an interview with Gwen Gistarb:

What’s the answer??

Janet shared:  My daughter went to a party freshman year of College. She drank too much and a guy she trusted took advantage of the situation. She wanted to come home but stuck it out. She wound up barely passing and lost her academic scholarship. Several years have passed and she seems to be doing better now but she’s just not the same outgoing trusting person she once was.

take a few minutes to aid – Rape Prevention & Education (RPE)

From Sue:

Aquaintence rape happened to my youngest daughter. Legal system has done nothing. I had more anger toward the broken system than anyone. We’ve done alot of healing and with Gods help we will continue to heal. Look forward to reading your book.

Kara shared this…

Rana perezi

Rana perezi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wow – what a great interview… I’m most sorry for your family’s sad journey. No child – you or Rana – deserve that kind of invasion. While my circumstance was less pronounced. I too, endured something similiar in HS with a fellow classmate. Apparently, I deserved it for dressing up at a party. After being lured into the backyard next door, I was held down and forced to have sex. It was embarrassing and hurtful but I was able to push it aside for many years. It completely affected the kind of person I wanted to marry and, much like you, found someone that respected me in all ways. Years later, I did confront him. He said he didn’t remember it but was sorry. Seems small but the apology did matter to my healing process. Having never told anyone about the incident, I came unglued when I found out one of my friend’s daughter was date raped. They decided not to press charges. I did talk with the mother about my healing journey which I hope helped her. You are probably receiving many similar notes. Believing in God, Rana is in a great place and is comforted. In my prayers always, Kara

Thank you Kara – we’ve just got to help – no more excuses! Alcohol, Dressing a certain way, Drugs -NO —– Complete Accountability-YES

Two weeks after Rana was gone Charlie, me and our younger daughter gave statements at the sentencing of the two men who pled “no contest” to the lesser charge of “lewd and lascivious acts against a minor.” Instead of the 15 yrs they should have received, they got house arrest because they had connections in their small town. On top of that repulsive injustice – the judge chastised my family for pursuing charges at all. He actually said, “maybe Rana would still be here…if you hadn’t pressed charges…”

How I Found the Courage to Live Without Fear 11/01 by IF Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Winter butterfly

Winter butterfly (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

How I Found the Courage to Live Without Fear 11/01 by IF Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

Sharing my first radio interview…