A Promise for Tomorrow – Speaking Engagements

In 2012 I began sharing Rana’s story in High Schools. (Please visit the Real Life Stories page for student responses). I don’t speak with the students from a coaches or counselors perspective, or even as an anatomy & physiology instructor who taught nursing students at Carolinas College of Health and Science . But more importantly, as someone who learned the devastating effects of being bullied and assaulted as a child and again as a twenty year old college student.  Then 14-years later my beautiful daughter was assaulted and began cutting. It’s time to speak up, speak out, break the silence, break the cycle!

This program addresses depression, bullying, dating violence and self-harm prevention. The Jason Foundation has provided the video and the  cards I use.

Please fill out the contact form below to schedule a seminar. Indicate if you are interested in a student and/or adult (parent/teacher/counselor/other) program.

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