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Since 2010 we’ve been invited into local high schools to address bullying dating violence and self-injury prevention. The feedback has been overwhelming both positive and shocking. We’ve come to realize how many young people are dealing with all kinds of life circumstances. So we got together to plan out an amazing day!

JOIN US for a surprising message from Season 8 Bachelorette EMILY MAYNARD and break out songwriting sessions with Jocelyn Ellis! Then choose your de-stressors: ZIP LINE, GIANT SWING, ART, ZUMBA, DISC GOLF and much much more!!

Join Us!! Register at http://teenreach.us

Join Us!! Register at http://teenreach.us

SPACE IS LIMITED register early to guarantee your spot!
go to http://teenreach.us


Is my Tween Video-Chatting with Strangers???

I invite your video-chatting tween to read Rana’s sobering story about how a nationally ranked 14 year old gymnast lost her life – because she trusted strangers

Parenting And Stuff


I didn’t post a lot lately, being engaged in my new parents site, http://www.parents-space.com .

It’s coming up nicely I think! 60 Contributors already.

The variety of contributors results in discussing many topics, some are fairly new to me. I bet that I’m not alone here.

A naive parent I am,  a species that cannot survive for long in the 21 century.

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Not a Victim - A Survivor

Hate in Your Heart Will Consume You

In response to hatred


Taking Charge & Changing Circumstances

Poverty is not an excuse . . .
Abuse can’t be the reason . . .
Achieving our personal best is up to us!

Be encouraged & feel empowered by this great story

From Sue:

Aquaintence rape happened to my youngest daughter. Legal system has done nothing. I had more anger toward the broken system than anyone. We’ve done alot of healing and with Gods help we will continue to heal. Look forward to reading your book.


the last 10%

A forum for the tough topics – the ones we were taught to suppress, hide & dare not talk about. Let’s erase the stigmas and begin the healing.

Rallying for Hope & Healing after Bullying Assault & Self Injury

Healing – one story at a time:

  • Adoption and Step Families
  • Bullying & Mental Abuse
  • Physical & Sexual Abuse
  • Unexpected Loss of Loved One



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