Real Life Stories

When Date Rape Results in Pregnancy…

Is the unborn child to blame?

I didn’t, I couldn’t blame the life growing in me.

But the decision wasn’t fully realized until I was eight months pregnant and met a stranger at the mall. She simply stated, “no one will love your baby like her Mama.” She had no idea how profoundly that statement affected me. I’m adopted and while I respect and appreciate all my adoptive parents did, I feel I missed out on the “jump in front of a bus” unconditional love one would expect from a birth parent. I believed my blameless child should experience a “you can do no wrong” gleam in the eye from the moment I first held her. On that day in that moment the chose not to give my daughter up for adoption.

I read a headline from a politician stating that “children conceived from rape are not a gift from God.” To him I say: you’re a callous heartless fool – ALL children are blameless and beautiful. From the day she was born, my Rana shared joy with those she met . . . especially her Mama.

One response to “Real Life Stories

  1. You have 10 seconds to share whatever you are desperate for people to know.

    Here is what I would tell people:
    Don’t keep secrets, especially from loved ones

    Your family and friends LOVE YOU they truly want the best for you

    People who love you accept you for who your are – the good the bad the ugly, we want to share JOY AND PAIN there is NOTHING you can SAY or DO to turn the love away

    FORGIVE from the heart even if you’ve been burned –
    for You can come out – not smelling of smoke

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