Why Victims Stay Silent

<p”>http://www.oprah.com/common/omplayer_embed.html?article_id=42063″></iframe><p class=’shareTitle’>A Predator in the Clubhouse: Why Abused Children Stay Silent</p><p class=’shareDescription’>Children who are being abused stay silent for many reasons. Harassed and molested by her once beloved swim coach, Julie, Kristen stayed silent and endured years of torment, as Julie threatened to harm Kristen and her family if she came forward about the abuse.</p>

2 responses to “Why Victims Stay Silent

  1. Love the Children
    (Dedicated for Teen awareness)
    May I walk without transgression?
    May I walk without being bullied?
    May I pray within the spirit, for I am a child of this earth?
    However, I am somebody destined for greatness. The love of God is my greatness and strength.
    Yes, Lord there are many children who need love.
    Lord, keep them in mind, body and soul; for they are truly precious jewels. Yes, they are children indeed!
    –Rodney Jacobs

  2. The nights and days go by; we still read every day that teen suicides are on the rise.
    However, we still make this a part of our way of life.
    The fight begins NOW! We all need TO TAKE A STAND.
    (Author Rodney Jacobs)
    Let’s help Malaika stop Suicide Now!

    The Vision of Malaika “Heavenly Messenger” “Angel” “Fight Against Teen Suicide”
    Buy my new book today!

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